11/21/14 “Legs” (compare to 8/6/14)

Strongmanwod 11/21/14

1 minute to complete 10 squats @ 135 pounds

1 minute rest

2 minutes to complete 20 squats @ 225 pounds

2 minutes rest

3 minutes to complete 30 squats @ 315 pounds

3 minutes rest

4 minute amrap squats @ 405 pounds

If you cannot complete the allotted number of reps in the prescribed time continue doing deadlifts until you finish the set.  Your “score” would be the total time needed to complete that set.  For example — on the set of 30 @ 315 pounds — you are at rep 21 at the 3:00 mark — continue doing squats @ 315 until you hit 30 reps.  Note the time needed to complete 30 reps…that is your score.  If it takes you an extra 90 seconds your score would be 4:30.

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Strongmanwod 11/20/14 and Rob’s WOD 11/19/14

NOTE —- No racks allowed for this wod

1K ski erg

20 walking lunges @ 135

20 pullups

1K ski erg

20 walking lunges @ 165

20 pullups

1K ski erg

20 walking lunges @ 195

20 pullups

1K ski erg

20 walking lunges @ 225

20 pullups



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Strongmanwod 11/19/14

Tabata Keg Carry @ body weight or more

Score is total distance

Post loads and distance to comments.


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Strongmanwod 11/18/14

12 – 9 – 6 – 3

Body weight strict press

Deadlifts @ 405


Scale as needed.  Post loads and times to comments.

Please accept my apologies for the lack of posts lately.  I was traveling thru Australia over the weekend and there was a total of 56 hours on planes with no internet access.  We are back on track.  Today’s WOD is courtesy of #RhodFather



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Pay Attention To Overtraining

As a bodybuilder constantly focusing on discovering new ways of getting more out of your training, you are most likely making one big mistake: ignoring your rest. While fervently focusing on boosting your performance levels, you disregard the importance of your rest days and you are solely how to spend even more time at the gym.  


Why Do You Need To Rest?


Because it will enable your muscles to recover after having been broken down during hard workout sessions. Rest will make you stronger, helping you better cope with the constantly increasing number of repetitions and sets you keep on adding to your routine. During sleep, the growth hormone levels reach their highest peaks; hence, sleep time after hard trainings is essential to body regeneration. After training hard, you are going to need to use a recovery period to enable all the systems inside your body to efficiently compensate for the stress you have submitted your body to. It will help you enjoy enhanced performances by storing more glycogen which will no longer make you look flat whenever you are overtraining.


Rest To Prevent Injuries


Getting sufficient rest will help you stay away from injuries; your endurance will be improved and you will be able to stay away from reaching the performance plateau everyone dreads. Listen to your body and decide whether you truly need resting or you might just be turning lazy, looking for a way to skip your trainings. Your emotional state, stress levels, hours of sleep or nutrition and physical state all need to be considered when deciding to rest. Don’t hesitate to take a day off right in the idle of your training split and do things that relax you instead; look at the attractive Cosmic Casino bonuses, register your membership thereto collect the first deposit welcome bonus and take advantage of all the games you can comes across there. slip into your cozy sweat shirt, but stay away from your weights; play your favorite tunes and join your friends for a few games of Cosmik Casino poker.  

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Tips To Boost Your Performance

Fitness training consists of resistance training, interval training, and continuous training. Every single one of these training forms is helpful because it aids the body to grow and be prepared for more than a single sport. There are a few common pieces of advice that all athletes and regular people who work out can follow in order to increase their performance. Below you will find some of the most important:


Interval Training Tips


This type of training focuses on hard training followed by rest periods, which needs to be repeated a few times during a single workout session. One example is ten fast running sessions each of them having at least 40 meters, and paused by a 120-second break. You will need to customize your own speed and distance values and pay attention to the particular rest time your body needs so you can create the best interval training model for the sport you are practicing. You will manage to boost both your anaerobic and your aerobic fitness. And during your rest days, you can find locksmith services in your area and quickly take care of your broken automotive, residential, or commercial locks, take care of your emergencies with a 24/7 available staff and enjoy some excellent prices with no hidden fees.  



Resistance Training Tips


This type of training revolves around weights, one’s body force, or the natural force of attraction gravity the Earth has on the body. Resistance training means working against these forces and weight lifting is one of the most common types of resistance workout. Pay attention to the weights you will be using; use ones that are too heavy and you will not be able to do more than just a few lifts at a time without having to take your rest time. Done right, it will help you strengthen your muscles; lift too light and you will be able to do a lot of lifting without having to stop for your rest time – which will boost your endurance.  

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Strongmanwod 11/13/14 and Rob’s WOD 11/13/14 (Australia)

10 rounds for time — 15 minute cap

3 power cleans @ 100KG

6 strict hand stand pushups

9 ghd situps

Rob’s score — 12:25

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Strongmanwod 11/12/14 and Rob’s WOD 11/12/14(Australia)

Sorry for the late post but yesterday was 26 hours of travel to Australia’s Gold Coast.

Not for time —

1 up to 10 of bench press @ 100KG and deadlifts @ 140KG (all sets must be unbroken)

Post loads to comments


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Strongmanwod 11/11/14 and Rob’s WOD 11/10/14

3 rounds for time —

2K ski erg — (sub either a 2K row or 250 med ball slams)

20 squats @ 275

40 pullups

60 pushups

56 minutes


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Strongmanwod 11/10/14

Thrusters  5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1  (racks allowed)

Increase weight on each set

Post loads to comments.



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