Strongmanwod 12/19/14

For time —

“Heavy Axle Diane”

21 – 15 – 9

Axle deadlifts @ 325 pounds (mixed grip allowed)

Strict hand stand pushups

Post loads and times to comments.

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Strongmanwod 12/18/14

For time —

10 sets of 10 squats @ 225

1 minute rest between sets

Post total time to comments.

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Strongmanwod 12/17/14

Rest Day

Post thoughts on the last few days to comments.


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Strongmanwod 12/16/14

For time —

120 KB swings @ 70+

5 burpee box jumps @ 24″ EMOM

Start a clock and do 5 burpee box jumps.  Then grab a heavy KB and swing for the balance of the minute.  At the top of the next minute drop the bell and complete 5 burpee box jumps.  Continue this pattern until you hit 120 swings.

Post loads and times to comments.

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Strongmanwod 12/15/14

Bench press — build up to a 3RM

Then — CrossFit WOD “Lynne”

Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press

Move swiftly from the bench press to the pullups.  Rest as needed between rounds.

Post reps per round to comments.

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Strongmanwod 12/14/14

Every minute on the minute x 20 minutes

2 log clean and press

Try to increase the weight on every set.  The final 5 minutes should be VERY challenging.

Post starting weights and all increments to comments.

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Strongmanwod 12/12/14

20 minute amrap walking barbell lunges — racks allowed

AHAP — as heavy as possible

Men @ 155 or more

Women @ 95 or more

Post loads and total steps to comments.

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Strongmanwod 12/11/14

Build up to a 1RM yoke carry x 50′ unbroken with no drops

Build up to a 1RM farmer’s carry x 50′ unbroken with no drops

Build up to a 1RM atlas stone carry in the belly unbroken with no drops

Rest as needed between efforts and movements.

Post all carries and body weight to comments.


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Strongmanwod 12/10/14

Rest Day

Pictures from the last seminars of 2014.  Thank you to everyone who spent the day learning by lifting.  2014 was a great season and 2015 is shaping up to be just as good!

Thank you to our hosts — Diego Centeno of Circuit+ CF in Kuwait and Kevin Teixeira of The Warehouse Gym in Dubai.

Our up-to-date 2015 schedule can be viewed here — http://www.crossfit.com/cf-info/specialty_certs.html#11 

warehouse gym

Circuit plus pic

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Strongmanwod 12/10/14


10 sets of 1 rep

Rest as needed between singles.  Try to increase your weight on EVERY set.

Post heaviest successful lift and current 1RM to comments.

Need some inspiration for your deadlifts?  See below.

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