Strongmanwod 1/14/16

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Max distance

30 minutes — drag a sled @ 75% of body weight

Post loads and distance to comments.



Strongmanwod 1/13/16

“Meathead Deck of Cards”

Clubs = Deadlifts @ 350

Diamonds = Back squats @ 315

Hearts = Dumbbell bench press @ 90’s

Spades = Dumbbell bent over rows @ 90

Joker = 20 Burpees

Face cards = 10 reps

Post loads and times to comments.  Have fun with this one!

The video below has no context or relevance to anything on this site….it’s just funny as hell.


Strongmanwod 1/10/16

Part 1 — 4 x 4 strict press @ 80% of 1RM

Part 2 — EMOM x 16 minutes

Odd minutes row 250M

Even minutes 15 pushups

Post loads and thoughts to comments.

I’ve seen people do hundreds of thousands of pushups over decades of training…most look nothing like this.  Nonetheless — this is the goal.


Strongmanwod 1/7/16

Death by back squats @ 225 or 315

Rob O’s score at 315 — finished the set of 10 reps

Start a clock and do 1 rep.  At the top of the next minute do 2 reps.  Next minute 3 reps.  Keep adding a rep each minute until you can’t finish the set in a minute.  Racking the bar is allowed during sets.

Below is a video of one of my last attempts at this workout.  I failed at 9 + 6 reps.  The last time I did this I completed the set of 10.

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