Strongmanwod 8/1/14

20 minute amrap

Walking barbell lunges @ body weight or more (racks allowed)

Picking the correct weight is very important.  You should not be able to do more than 20 reps at a time.  It should be heavy enough that you need to rack the bar every 50 – 75 feet.

Post loads and reps to comments.

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7/31/14 “Trixie”

Strongmanwod 7/31/14


Build up to a 1RM stone over 42″ bar

Unlimited attempts.  Rest as needed between attempts.

Post loads to comments.  Please share video and pics to rob@hybridathletics.net

Below is Hybrid’s Trixie nailing a 130 stone at 120 pounds body weight!!!

Rob’s WOD 7/30/14

20 minute amrap

20 cal row

5 kb squats right arm(rack position) @ 32KG

5 kb squats left arm(rack position) @ 32KG

10 rounds plus 12 cals

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Strongmanwod 7/30/14

Rest Day

FEEDBACK — Let’s hear it.  Post thoughts to comments.  Please send any video or photos that you think would add content to the site.  You can forward them to rob@hybridathletics.net  –  Thank you for your continued support!!!

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Strongmanwod 7/29/14

Keg load to 42″ platform

5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1  with 40 double unders between rounds

Keg weight should be body weight for the set of 5.  Each set should be a progressively heavier keg.  If you don’t have double unders perform 12 burpees after each set of keg loads.

Post loads and times to comments.

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Strongmanwod 7/28/14 

“Tabata Mixup”

Back squats @ 60% of your 1RM

Log strict press @ 60% of your 1RM (if you don’t have a log use an axle or barbell)

Strict pullups

GHD situps

Start a clock and perform 20 seconds of back squats.  Rest 10 seconds and transition to 20 seconds of max reps strict press.  Rest 10 seconds and transition to 20 seconds of max reps strict pullups.  Rest 10 seconds and transition to 20 seconds of max reps GHD situps.

Continue this circuit until you’ve completed 8 full rounds of all 4 exercises.  Keep track of your reps per round.

Post loads and reps per round to comments.

Below is a video sent from my good friend, Rhoddy “the Sheep” Davies.  5x body weight yoke carry for multiple rounds is legitimately one of the most impressive feats of strength I’ve ever seen.  Nice work, Rhod.




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Strongmanwod 7/27/14

10 rounds for time

50′ farmer’s carry @ 220 pounds per hand (or as close as possible)

5 power cleans @ 225 pounds (or 60% of your 1RM)

Scale as needed.  Post loads and times to comments.

Take a look at this creative use of the Y-1 yoke.  My good friends at CF Barrington slapped a board between two yokes, used the plate loaded storage bars as push bars, and pushed it like the “Big Bob” sled from the CF Games a few years back.

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7/25/14 “Death by Yoke Carry” (compare to 11/8/13)

Strongmanwod 7/25/14

“Death by Yoke Carry”

Start with an empty yoke and carry it 50′

Every minute on the minute add 30 pounds to the yoke and carry it 50′. Continue this process until you fail.

Post final weight to comments.

Tim Burke scored 770. Mike Burke scored 740. Craig Niven, from CF Barrington, scored 600.

Strongman training grounds are rarely pretty.  Take a look at the 1,000 pound yoke carry below.  Dirt driveway, corn silo, and about 20 friends to help you out.

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Strongmanwod 7/24/14 and Rob’s WOD 7/23/14

5 rounds

Every THIRD minute on the minute complete the following –

10 x dumbbell burpee clean and press @ 50 pounds per hand

Movement starts by picking up the dumbbells.  Complete a burpee while holding the dumbbells.  Once you are standing upright clean and press the dumbbells to the overhead position.

My fastest set of 10 reps was 1:18 in the fourth round.  If you finish your set of 10 in 1:35 you have 1:25 to rest until you start your next set of 10(start every 3rd minute for 5 rounds).

Post loads and times per round to comments.

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Strongmanwod 7/23/14

Event Day

Each event is for time, max weight, or max distance –

Event 1 — 100′ tire flip @ 3.5x body weight or more

Event 2 — 150′ farmer’s carry @ 1.5x body weight

Event 3 — 1RM axle clean and press

Event 4 — Max distance atlas stone carry (any position allowed) @ body weight or more

NOTE – Unlimited warm up sets but only one actual work set…pretend you are in a competition.  You may rest as needed between events.

Post loads, times, and distance to comments.


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Strongmanwod 7/22/14

Rest Day

FEEDBACK — Let’s hear it.  What are your thoughts on the past few days of programming?  What makes you post your score vs not posting?  

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“Strongman” isn’t just for burly dudes named Sven.  Truth is, it’s every bit as scalable as CrossFit.  Take a look at the video below and share your thoughts to comments.  If you have pictures or videos of your kids doing something cool with strongman equipment please send them to rob@hybridathletics.net


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