Strongmanwod 9/1/14

20 minutes

Even minutes — 10 walking overhead DB lunges (AHAP — as heavy as possible)

Odd minutes — 3 atlas stone loads over 44″ bar (AHAP)

Post loads and thoughts to comments.

Below is a decent video demonstrating the difference between shouldering a stone and loading over a bar.  Most important points—take a slightly different grip on the stone once it’s in your lap and use your hips!!!!


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Strongmanwod 8/31/14

Rest Day

Rob’s WOD 8/30/14

20 minute amrap with a single 53 pound KB

Right arm — 10 suitcase deadlifts, 8 power cleans, 6 snatches, 4 thrusters, 2 strict presses

Left arm — 10 suitcase deadlifts, 8 power cleans, 6 snatches, 4 thrusters, 2 strict presses

Once you pick up the KB you cannot drop it until you have completed the complex on that side.


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Strongmanwod 8/30/14

Build up to a 1RM standing strict press

Then — using 80% of your 1RM

30 standing strict presses with a 5 burpee penalty each time you rack the bar

30 minute cap

Scale as needed.  Post loads, time, and reps to comments.

315 for a triple is no joke.  See below.

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Strongmanwod 8/29/14 and Rob’s WOD 8/28/14

25 minute cap

4 rounds of the following –

4 squats @ 315

8 GHD situps

12 cals Assault bike

3 rounds of the following –

3 squats @ 345

6 GHD situps

9 cals Assault bike

2 rounds of the following –

2 squats @ 365

4 GHD situps

6 cals Assault bike

AMRAP with the remaining time –

1 squat @ 405

2 GHD situps

4 cals Assault bike

My score was 5 rounds plus 1 squat and 2 situps.

Below is the ever-entertaining Greg Glassman.


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8/28/14 “Yoke Total” (compare to 8/7/13)

Strongmanwod 8/28/14

“Yoke Total”

Overhead yoke carry x 50′ with no drops

Zercher yoke carry x 50′ with no drops

Traditional yoke carry x 50′ with no drops

Build up to a 1RM for each style carry.  Total the best attempts to find your score. Rest as needed between efforts and movements.

Post loads to comments.

NOTEI have a new goal.  I’d like to introduce these movements and this style of training to women around the world.  If you have a female friend that laughs at you when you tell her what  you did for a workout I’d like you to share the video below and then include them your next training session.  Be sure to scale the weights appropriately to ensure success.  Make it too heavy and they’ll never give it a second chance.

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Strongmanwod 8/26/14

EMOM x 8

AHAP — Standing strict press x 3 (reps must be unbroken)

EMOM x 8

GHD situps x 10

EMOM x 8

AHAP — Front squat x 4 (reps must be unbroken)

No rest between movements.  Press and squat should be AHAP(as heavy as possible).  GHD situps should be both hands back to the ground and both hands touch the foot pad on every rep.

Post loads on all sets to comments.

Below are my friends Pat Sherwood and Miranda Oldroyd hitting some front squats.

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Strongmanwod 8/25/14

5 rounds of the following –

1 minute amrap axle deadlift

1 minute rest

1 minute max effort row for calories

1 minute rest

1 minute amrap bench press

1 minute rest

Axle weight should be 1.5X body weight or more.  Bench should be body weight or more.  Adjust weights during the workout if necessary.

Post loads and reps per movement to comments.


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Strongmanwod 8/24/14

Rest Day (be ready for a rough one tomorrow)

Somoene mentioned “Deliverance” the other day and I pulled up this video.  What a classic scene.  It has no relevance to strongmanwod.

Rob’s WOD 8/23/14

1 legless rope climb

15 pushups

2 squats @ 315

Increase the squats x 2 reps each round up to 10 reps

10:36 (all squats unbroken)

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Strongmanwod 8/23/14

Every other minute on the minute

Clean and jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1

At the top of every jerk you must hold the bar overhead for 30 seconds.  Try to increase the weight on every attempt.

Post loads to comments.



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Strongmanwod 8/22/14

Alternate movements every minute on the minute x 20 minutes

Yoke Carry x 50′ (AHAP — as heavy as possible)

Keg (odd object) carry x 50′ (AHAP)

Each carry should take between 15-30 seconds.  If you’re taking longer than 30 seconds to complete the carry each minute lower the weight.

Post loads to comments.  Also…create a profile in Beta.fitmoo.com and then search “strongmanwod” in the DISCOVER box on the top tool bar.  Join the community and post scores there.


Rob’s WOD 8/20/14

10 rounds for time –

5 GHD Situps

10 KB swings @ 70

10 double unders — increase double unders x 10 each round up to 100

Every missed double under is a 5 burpee penalty added on to the end of the workout.  I missed a total of 3 reps of double unders.  One in the set of 20, one in the set of 30, and one in the set of 40.  All other sets unbroken.  Following the set of 100 double unders I immediately dropped and did the 15 burpee penalty.


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