Strongmanwod 4/22/14

10 rounds for time

200M run

3 back squats @ 2x body weight(each set should be a VERY difficult set of 3)

Scale as needed.  Post loads, body weight, and times to comments.

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Strongmanwod 4/20/14

Tabata odd object carry for total accumulated distance

8 rounds of 20 seconds on followed by 10 seconds off

Post object, weight, and total distance to comments.

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Strongmanwod 4/19/14 (compare to 12/14/13)

“Yoke Total”

In this order build up to max 50′ carries with no drops allowed.

Overhead x 50′

Zercher x 50′

Traditional x 50′

Your score is the total weight of your 3 best carries.

Post body weight and loads to comments.


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Strongmanwod 4/18/14 and Rob’s WOD 4/17/14

Even minutes — max effort row for calories

Odd minutes — 1 keg load to 42″ platform @ 1.5x BWT

Repeat this process until you hit 300 cals on the rower


Scale as needed.  Each keg load should be very difficult.  With transition time it was taking me about 30 seconds to unstrap from the rower, chalk my hands, and load the keg.  I was back on the rower with about 30 seconds rest each round.  Post loads and times to comments.


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Strongmanwod 4/17/14

Rest Day

We had a great time in Madrid with our good friends at Singular Box.  They are true professionals.  Thank you to all the attendees and coaches.  If you attended this seminar, or any other seminar we’ve done, leave a note here about your experience.

Next stop on the CF Strongman tour is Akron, Ohio on 4/19.  There are still spots remaining if you’d like to jump in.  Register using the link above.

Finally—the monster set of Hybrid stone molds is priced at $750(includes domestic shipping) until midnight tonight.  It’s time to pack your gym with stones.

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Strongmanwod 4/16/14 — Active recovery day

2 rounds for time

21 – 15 – 9

Row for cals

Strict (perfect) pushups

GHD situps

Post times to comments.

Below is my favorite comedian, Louis CK.


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4/15/14 “Taxes”

Strongmanwod 4/15/14


40 reps of the following cluster –

1 hang power clean

1 hang squat clean

1 thruster

DO NOT combine the squat clean and thruster.

Choose a weight that is close to your body weight if possible.  This is not meant to be a speed workout.  Instead it is meant to be a long, painful grinder.

Post loads and times comments.



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4/13/14 and 4/14/14

4/13 was a scheduled rest day.  I was traveling all day and was not able to post any details.  Sorry for the missed day.

Strongmanwod 4/14/14

30 minutes — alternate each movement EMOM

First minute — Bench Press x 7 reps @ BWT (or more)

Second minute — Walking barbell lunges x 10 steps @ BWT (or more)

Third minute — Stone to shoulder x 3 reps @ BWT (or more)

Choose weights that will be a challenge…these should not be easy sets…especially in the 2nd half of the workout.

Post BWT and loads to comments.


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Strongmanwod 4/12/14

Build up to a max weight yoke carry x 50′ with no drops

Then –

85% of your heaviest yoke carry x 50′ EMOM x 12 minutes

Post loads and body weight to comments.

Below is a video of Hybrid coach, Katie Burke, making 400 pounds look like a warm up set.  I’ve seen Katie hit 520 across the floor at Hybrid.  Strong and beautiful.



Rob’s WOD 4/11/14

Build up to a 1RM thruster

Then –

Team of 5 people at CF Singular Box in Madrid

120 cal row

50 stones to shoulder @ 145

25 lengths (10 meters down and 10 meters back) stone carry in the gut


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Strongmanwod 4/11/14

Tabata sled push for max distance

8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest

Push a sled, prowler, car, or anything else that mimics this movement.

Post loads and total distance to comments.

NOTE — This workout is best if completed while surrounded by others.  Otherwise it’s a lonely place to be.  Try to find some friends to embrace this one with you.

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