Strongmanwod 5/29/14

For time —

4 rounds

50′ walking barbell lunges @ body weight (or as close as possible)

3 stones to shoulder @ body weight (or as close as possible)

50′ sandbag carry @ body weight (or as close as possible)

3 tire flips @ 3x body weight (or more)

Scale as needed.  Post loads and time to comments.

Below Greg Glassman talks about the importance of squatting.  I would argue that the same can be said for walking lunges.  I found his comment so strong that I put it on a t-shirt.  Take a look here.  

Rob’s WOD 5/28/14

Squats up to 405 pounds x 10 reps

5 thoughts on “5/29/14”

  1. Worked out before I seen this WOD

    100 x Walking barbell lunges @ 90kg – Just over 8 minutes

    BWT – 80kg

    Nice squatting ROB!


  2. Hey rob wod’ s r great. Thanks again. Also posting your workouts is really helpful and insightful.please keep them coming. Btw won krand’ d classic strongman show masters div a couple weeks ago.

  3. Hey boss! Did your part 3
    1-2-3-4-500m row, w/ 5 g2o between each w/ 50#
    Wanted to do the burpee row spints but didnt have time before hitting the road to regionals. It was good to see you today and chat boss! We’ll be swiging by more the next day or two.

  4. Did 5 RFT (with available equipment)
    20 lunges (40kg)
    3 stones 115#
    20m farmers carry with 2 x 32kg kettle bells
    3 tyre flips

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