Strongmanwod 5/31/14

8 minutes of Tabata row for max meters

20 seconds of rowing followed by 10 seconds rest for 8 minutes

Post total meters to comments.

This may not seem like a strongmanwod but rowing with intensity is no different than generating consistent, heavy deadlifts.  If your typical reaction is to balk at “cardio” wods then you should make an effort to do this one.  It will pay dividends.

Rob’s WOD 5/30/14

12 minute amrap of —

8 hang power cleans at 155 pounds

12 wall balls

9 rounds plus 8 reps

I did this with a few friends at Reebok CF One and it was a nice departure from the norm.  It was already on the board when I got there so I just jumped in.  Usually I go much heavier but it was fun to go light and fast for a change.  Constant variety is king.

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