Strongmanwod 6/2/14

Every minute on the minute — increase weight every minute

First 10 minutes — 3 clean and jerks

Second 10 minutes — 2 clean and jerks

Third 10 minutes — 1 clean and jerk

Men starting weight at 135 pounds

Women starting weight at 75 pounds

4 thoughts on “6/2/14”

  1. Did your work from 5/31/14 RX’d, 16:31
    (With all the Oly lifting I do, I try to stray away from WODs w/ a ton of it just for a mental break, for now at least until the metcon season picks up mid September.)
    500m Row – 1:46

    Holy Shit man. That was awesomely hard. Have not wanted to actually stop in the middle of a workout in a long time. The 21-15-9 was a monster – that took me about 10 minutes of my total working time. Whew. Keep them coming. Feeling stronger and getting fast…ish.

  2. I started @75 and ended with 165lbs in three sets.

    It felt awesome, thank you.

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