Strongmanwod 6/3/14

Every minute on the minute to failure

Zercher yoke carry x 50′

Men and women start with an empty yoke.  Men add 20 pounds per minute.  Women add 10 pounds per minute.  Continue to complete a 50′ carry EMOM until you cannot finish the carry within 60 seconds.  Unlimited drops allowed.

Post best carry to comments.

Share video if you have it.

Rob’s WOD 6/2/14

21-15-9 Deadlifts at 225 pounds and Strict HSPU (Diane)

10 power snatches between rounds (Isabelle)




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5 comments on “6/3/14

  1. Danny Salvatore on said:

    Did Rob’s WOD from 6/2/14, was actually smart and scaled the reps down of Diane – wasn’t sure if I would be able to hit all the HSPU, and was able to move well through it. Tried to go UB on the snatches – Woof. No bueno.

    15-12-9 @ 225# DL & Strict HSPU
    10 Power Snatches between each round @ 135#

  2. Wife and I did it for 100 feet since we were short on time (so we would fail sooner).
    Her = 135#×100′
    Me = 255#×100′ + 135#×200m cashout.

  3. Erik on said:

    Hey, Rob! So what is the average weight of an empty yoke? I don’t have one so I’m just gonna do Zercher barbell carries. Wondering what weight I should start with. Thanks and, as always, you’re killin it!

    • RobOrlando on said:

      The y-1 yoke from Rogue weighs 170 pounds. The barbell is going to be murder on your forearms. Try to get your hands on an axle if possible.

      Thanks for the feedback.
      Rob O

  4. Eddie Juica on said:

    did 11 minute EMOM ended up with 365 on the 50′ zercher carry