Rest Day

Looking for feedback —

Tell me what you think of the past few days of progamming.  Which wods have you done?  Why?  What was your favorite?

Thank you —

To everyone who came out to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regionals and stopped by the Hybrid Athletics tent.  It was great to get out in the community and we look forward to seeing many of you in Carson at the Games.

This weekend —

CF Strongman seminars this weekend in Barrington, IL and Salt Lake City, UT. If you plan on attending the one day event please post something here.  There is still room in both events if you want to sign up last minute.  8:30am to 4:30pm on Saturday.  Come and spend the day learning and lifting…ANYONE is welcome regardless of age, ability, or gender.  Don’t let the word “strongman” turn you off.  You can see the schedule here.

Be ready for a good one tomorrow!!

Rob O

7 thoughts on “6/5/14”

  1. I’ve done Rob’s WOD from the past few days (a day behind) and I’ve loved them. My favorite was the Diane – Isabelle combo!

  2. I have been doing robs workouts now for the last month. This programming is awesome, because of the variety it provides. The modified “Murph” was intense, but worth every ounce of energy.

    Thanks for the workouts

  3. I just found this site and started the WOD’s about two weeks ago. As a garage-gym guy who works out alone at home I really liked the barbell WOD, since I don’t have a ton of equipment. It only required the basics, while other WODs I need to come up with a sub for. Maybe you could offer two cents on a suitable sub for something like a zercher carry in the future? Other than that I really liked the strength focus the past few weeks with the thrown in cardio and endurance type workouts the past few weeks, like the mixed in EMOMs and tabattas.

    Cheers and thanks for the great resource Rob.

  4. I base most of my training off of Rob’s strongman WODs. My favorites are those that incorporate carries and holds. Nothing like picking up something heavy. I really like the one from 6/5 with the duck walks, GHD situps, and swings. Damn that thrashed my core! It hurt so good when I woke up this morning.

  5. Recently started following.
    Really like the “Death by…” and the “Emom” stuff. The tabata row was something new for me as well, but felt great.

    Been following some other crossfit programs over the years, but find myself often skipping the conditioning parts of the wods and just doing the strength stuff. Thats why i feel the strongmanwod works well, it forces conditioning into strength based stuff in a good way.

    I do everything in a well equipped (crossfitwise) garage/home gym, but i don’t have much strongman equipment like yokes or sleds or tires. Just made some hybrid stones though!:)

  6. I usually cherry pick one of the wods a week (or from the archive) as I do crossfit 4 times a week anyway, usually try to do a longer one that takes around 20 – 30 mins as I do strength/metcon work as normal programming, so did the wod from the 29th with available equipment and it worked well. Would not be doing strongman (person) without this site!

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