Strongmanwod 6/6/14

Build up to a 1RM squat

Build up to a 1RM deadlift

Build up to a 1RM strict press

Rest as needed between attempts and movements.

Post loads to comments.

Rob’s WOD 6/5/14

Build up to a 1RM back squat

520 pounds @ 189 pounds body weight


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4 comments on “6/6/14

  1. Johan O on said:

    Deadlift (sumo) 440lb (10lb PR)

    Squat 336lb (5lb PR)

    Strict press 133lb

  2. bill redanauer on said:

    Great squat dude

  3. bill redanauer on said:

    Just noticed no belt.wow

  4. Axel infante on said:

    My weight 175 lbs
    Dl 385 lbs
    Squat 265 lbs
    Press 115 lbs