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  1. Recently I have noticed more and more nagging injuries and that its harder to recover as i’m sore everyday I wake up and it makes my training harder. The program I was following I enjoyed, this particular cycle was heavy oly and I Pr’d both lifts. However, the volume took its toll on my body. Im not old but im not young and I still have the athlete mentality to compete at any level. I love crossfit and all it has to offer but over the l;ast year it has beat me up and im debating on just going back to powerlifting normal gym routines. I know its not truly what I want but i want to be able to walk around like im not 60 already, but i also want to be as strong and fast as possible……can I have the best of both worlds? Can I still get strong, fast, and fit without feeling 60?

  2. Couple things from my own expeiences with these high volume cycles.
    Food and a lot of it, sleep, and mobility*2. These become crucial when th
    Amount of strain exceeds bodily capability. To program properly one must
    Add a deload week, this is crucial active muscle recovery. Just remember
    Your mobility, high quality food intake and implement the deload cycle.
    Best of luck, get strong lift heavy things, and the body will naturally want to resist
    So listen but know it needs more to feed the volume.

  3. Rob,
    A few months back I watched one of your seminar videos where you talked about how if a person would get creative enough they could do “Grace” for a year with a different object each week. Well it, as well as the simplicity of your approach, stuck with me.
    At the begining of this month, August, I started on my Year of Grace. I am 4 weeks in and have already used a sandbag, branch bar, double kettlebells, and an atlas stone. I get excited planning out what I will be able to use down the road. I expect to get me hands on some truly odd objects. I already have a former cheerleader lined up, that is getting videotaped at my gym.
    I just wanted to thank you for the insperation.

    1. I like what you’re doing here, John. May have to borrow this concept. I’ve plateaued to some degree and I’m looking for some motivation. Best of luck.

  4. Do you recomend scaling the weights to sub maximal loads to get stronger say 70-80% of the prescribed weight if you can’t RX the workout. Or just not worry about % go AHAP up to the Rxed weight and the programming it’s self will make you stronger. Does that make sense?

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