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Tabata Viper Press

Using a log perform 8 rounds of Tabata with 60% of your 1RM Log Clean and Press.

The Viper Press is a single fluid motion from the lap to overhead.  For this exercise you do not need to lower the log to the floor for each rep.  Start from the lap and roll the log up your midsection into the overhead position.  Count your total reps as your score.  Post loads, reps, and thoughts to comments.  Share video, please!!!!

You can see what it looks like here–


Log Press for Reps

Clean a log to the rack position.  Then press it for max reps in 60 seconds.  Rest 3 minutes and repeat x 3 rounds.  No RX weight for this one.  Choose a weight that will allow you to successfully press 6-15 reps.

Post load and reps to comments.

This video is my friend, Carlos, making short work of the 220 log.

1RM Axle Continental Clean(and Press)

Build up to a single rep max continental clean with an axle.  If you feel strong press it overhead.  Here are 2 videos of the continental clean.

For the continental clean you will deadlift the bar with a mixed grip.  Then hang clean it to the top of your belly.  At this point you will need to lean back and stick out your gut as far as possible.  While you’re leaning back you need to “pop” the bar up and switch your grip to a double over.  From there you will “pop” the bar off your belly up to the rack position.  There are several stages to this lift so you need to be patient.  Practice light and slowly build up in weight.